Why We Flew 8000 Miles for These Rings

In the months leading up to our 125th anniversary, tour 4th generation, Arnold III, Vance and Lane, began dreaming of ways to celebrate. Everything from rip roaring parties to elaborate decorations were pondered and discussed but nothing felt quite unique enough to commemorate the year. After struggling for months to find a way to honor their legacy, Arnold came up with an idea…

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Only for 2018: Our 125th Anniversary Collection

To honor this landmark anniversary, the three Schiffman brothers, Arnold, Vance, and Lane collaborated to put together a special collection of jewelry available this year only.

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The Perfect Time to Buy an Engagement Ring

Now you’re on a mission.  Like many other guys, you’re staring down the calendar and you know that before midnight on New Year’s Eve, you’ll have a ring in your hand ready to propose.  

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How to Wear Bracelets with All Your Fall Sweaters

Weather changes means wardrobe changes and that means it’s time to match up bracelets with big cozy sweaters!  Here are some great ideas and we’ll share some of our favorite designers

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