How Often Should I Have My Engagement Ring Checked?

Think about the pieces of jewelry you wear every day. For most, it’s a fairly compact list, with one piece guaranteed to make an appearance, your engagement and wedding rings. What does not occur to most people is that over time their wedding and engagement rings can begin to break down.

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How to Keep the Ring Hidden Until the Proposal

No matter how many new trends come, there’s still nothing quite like having your fiancée discover her engagement ring in a surprise location. 

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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Each year you wrestle with the same question: What do you get Mom? It would take a year to list all the things she’s done for you, and that’s not even counting the things you were never aware of! Literally from day one, Mom has been giving to you.

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Six Marie Kondo Ways to Store Your Jewelry

The recent Netflix hit “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” has challenged millions to think differently about how to stay organized and keep the clutter out of your home (and life).

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